Aida Maria

The Aida María grants all its passengers the best of both words; a combination of comfort and coziness with the relaxed loosen atmosphere of a mid-range boat. Its efficient design allows all 8 cabins the optimum comfort experience that includes private bathrooms, hot water showers and air conditioning. Social areas are spacious and the sundeck offers a lovely view of nature at its best.

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Techinical Specifications

Type: Motor Yacht
Capacity: 16 passengers
Length:70 feet
Beam:17,2 feet
Speed: 9 knots
Engines: 2 John Deere (175 HP)
Crew:9 including naturalist guide
Cabins: 8 double cabins with private bathrooms

Sample Itinerary

Sample 8 day itinerary:

Day 01: Baltra’s, Bachas
Day 02: Darwin Bay, Barranco
Day 03: Bartolome, Sullivan Bay
Day 04: Daphne, Black Turtle Cove, Cerro Dragón
Day 05: Charles Darwin Station, Santa Cruz Highlands
Day 06: Post Office bay, Mirador de la Baronesa, Pta Cormorant, Devil’s Crown
Day 07: Pta Suarez, Bahía Gardner, Islote Gardner, Islote Osborn
Day 08: Leon Dormido, Interpretation Center, San Cristobal

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