Daphne Yacht

The Daphne is a highly regarded motor yacht inside the mid-range category, and it is so, for a set of very good reasons: This delightful yacht has offered throughout the years an impeccable service to all its guests; crewmembers have shown important levels of commitment and professional behavior mixed up with a carefree and friendly attitude. Food on board is great, well balanced and carefully prepared. All cabins are spacious, well distributed and always clean. The sundeck and other social areas offer plenty of amenities for passengers to truly enjoy their stay.

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Techinical Specifications

Type: Motor Yacht
Capacity: 16 passengers
Length:70 feet
Beam: 20 feet
Speed: 10 knots
Engines: Twin 250 HP Caterpillar
Crew: 10 including naturalist guide
Cabins: 8 double cabins and 1 suite with private bathrooms with hot/cold showers

Sample Itinerary

Sample 8 day itinerary:

Day 01: Baltra’s,Santa Cruz Island
Day 02: Floreana: Post Office Bay, Pta Cormorant
Day 03: Española: Punta Suarez, Gardner’sBay
Day 04: San Cristobal: Cerro Brujo, Leon Dormido, Interpretation Center
Day 05: Santa Fe, Plazas
Day 06: Genovesa: Darwin Bay, Prince Phillip Steps
Day 07: Santiago: Sullivan Bay, Rabida
Day 08: Black Turtle Cove, Baltra

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