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Diving in the Pacific waters of the Galápagos Islands is simply fantastic! Different ocean currents converge there, forming an ideal habitat for a great variety of species: there are tropical fish such as angelfish and moorish idols, endemic sealions whose closest relatives live in Tierra del Fuego, as well as the world´s second-smallest penguin. This is one of the few places where you can see pelagic species like tunas, mantas, and hammerheads so close to shore. And so far the diving grounds have only been partially explored. CEDAM International, the ocean explorers´ organization, includes Galápagos among the "Seven Wonders of the Underwater World"! So don't hesitate to dive in soon!


There are several 1st class yachts on Galápagos specializing in diving cruises (such as the M/Y REINA SILVIA) which are equipped with compressors, tanks and weights. Divers usually bring their own wet suit, regulator B.C. and other personal gear. Diving cruises are generally one-week long with established itineraries, which also include excursions on the islands.


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For day trip service, a seaworthy fiberglass launch (32 feet/9,6 mts; over 20 knots cruising speed) is at your disposal, equipped with GPS navigation, sonar, VHF radio, emergency oxygen, standard safety equipment, inflatable markers for each diver, and a marine toilet.

Scuba diving in Galápagos is not for the novice. Among large marine mammals, typical diving may involve any combination of strong currents, surging, cold water, wall dives, and great distances from the shoreline.


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