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Unmatched diversity packed with startling contrast of scenery and ancient cultural heritage; a friendly country that offers stunning Andean sights, beautiful coastlines, impressive volcanoes, primary rainforests and colorful little towns. Ecuador is easy to travel; in less than 2 hours you will find yourself in a completely different ecosystem...a small, but exceptional country.

We offer extraordinary travel choices that will make your stay in Ecuador something you will never forget.

Otavalo and Northern Highlands

There is a reason the Northern Andean Highlands and the Indigenous community of the Otavalos is one of the most visited areas of all Ecuador and it is the profound cultural heritage that pervades every single aspect of this remarkable ethnic group. Their identity as a group translates into their craftsmanship, the designs, themes and colors they use, it is in their clothing’s and their social structure...

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The Pacific Coast of Ecuador offers an astonishing set of scenery, cultural contrast, absolutely inspiring sunsets, sandy beaches and colorful little towns all along the coastal lines and only at a few hours’ drive from the center of the country. There are 5 provinces that compose the Ecuadorian coast, all crossed by and extensive chain of rivers that flow down from the Andes to the lower lands and that bring bright vibrant green tones to all the fertile flora that dramatically changes as you approach closer to the sea...

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Cuenca /Ingapirca and Southern Highlands

Riding along the Avenue of Volcanoes is one of the best land trips one could ever hope for! First thing that comes to mind is the question of how can such a small country hold within this tremendous contrast; on the grounds that in a matter of hours you always step into a different ecosystem with a complete distinct social structure and changed flora, fauna and topography. Driving down south the Andean Mountain Range is a true treat and we cannot recommend it enough...

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Cotopaxi and Avenue of Volcanoes

The majestic Cotopaxi is the highest active volcano in the world, a true sight for those who admire nature and appreciate the beauty of such magnificent giant. It can be seen all the way from Quito, the capital city of the country and is nothing short of AMAZING. Once you start to drive south, the view keeps getting more and more memorable. The Cotopaxi National Park is at only an hour and a half south of Quito and the access roads are easy and safe to transit; once at the gate, you have a good 40 minute drive inside the Park’s perimeter which in itself is stunning...

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Papallacta and other Cloud Forest

At only a short drive away from Quitolies Papallacta, a hot-spring oasis hidden between Paramo mountains, a place to disconnect completely and enjoy the pleasures of nature. On your ascending way to this idyllic natural paradise you will find perhaps the most dramatic contrast in scenery and this is because the Paramo is similar to any prehistoric idea of deserted cold land… a great place to take pictures!...

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The Ecuadorian rainforest is home to a vast variety of endemic mammals, birds, butterflies and indigenous tribes that live in a world disconnected from modern day civilization. Once you are immersed in this sacred, green ecosystem you disengage from the frenzy of day to day reality and blend into the origin of life and the communion with nature. There is so much to learn from the people that honor this place… even from the animals…such wisdom...

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Old colonial country houses that remain intact through time and have opened their doors, their history and legacy to the public…The Ecuadorian Andes has one particular quality that makes travelling extra interesting and fun, and that is that during the colonial era of this country great gentlemen acquired lands over which they built impressive houses where the distinguished families resided and controlled all the surrounding properties and the locals that worked from them. These magnificent houses have been turned into beautiful hotels, restaurants and spas that will guarantee satisfaction...

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Bike riding down the Cotopaxi Volcano, white water rafting in the jungle, climbing the many peaks and mountains along the Avenue of Volcanoes or horseback riding down the Pululahua Crater, are all adventures that will make your trip more than remarkable. For those who love the thrill and adrenaline rushing through their systems, Ecuador is a place to recommend. Every single region offers a specific type of sport that apart from its normal challenge is enhanced by the astonishing surroundings...

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