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Whether looking for an extension of your trip to Ecuador or fully intending to make Peru your main travel destination you can rest assured that our main goal is that you enjoy every minute of your travel experience. We will seek accommodation, recommend great restaurants, suggest pastime options, advice on spectacular views and sights and facilitate all we can for you.

We invite you to be part of Peru’s wealth of ancient Inca temples, colonial towns and constructions, breathtaking Andean sights. Learn about the magnificent capital of Lima, hike to ruins in the Urubamba Valley, learn from archaeologists, share with the artisans and admire the treasures hidden in one of Latin America’s most amazing countries.

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North of Peru: Chiclayo + Trujillo

Near to Chiclayo, the valley of pyramids, Túcume, attracts visitors who are interested in the cultural background of the culture Chimú and Lambayeque. It was the last kingdom before the arrival of the Incas in the north of Peru. Here lived the kings of Túcume like half-gods in giant palaces with mystical and ritual decorations, jewellery and priests, custodians, footmen, etc. 26 pyramids made of brickearth are located in Túcume...

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Ruta Sur: Paracas + Ica + Huacachina + Nazca

The peninsula Paracas was the middle of a pre-Incan culture that was famous because of their woven textiles.

The Ballestas-Islands in the natural reserve Paracas are also called little Galapagos Islands because of their animal diversity. It is the biotope of Humboldt penguins, dolphins, sea birds and sea lions. Another highlight is the giant candelabra that can only been seen looking from the sea...

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